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FairyBellsKart_Diwali Decor Tips Blog ImageDiwali is an auspicious occasion in India and we all wait for it. We celebrate it with family, friends, relatives and colleagues in the brightest, sweetest and charming way. There are several jobs we need to address during this period like home cleaning, stuff arrangement, shopping, gifting, gathering and pack-up afterwards. Let’s plan all of it in the smart and organized way to make the most of it! Below are few tips to address Diwali activity.

  1. Cleaning: first thing first! Cleaning is an integral part of Diwali. It takes the longest time and great effort to do so. But there is smart way to make it hassle free and that’s ‘plan and classify’! Don’t do all of it by yourself alone and at one go, but allocate the responsibility in family. Go room by room and allocate it to room-owners ex. Involve and encourage kids to clean there room by themselves. Don’t forget to reward them with some treats and gifts. This will help to not only reduce your job but also involve and educate next generation to our traditions, which is important!
  1. Plan Budget: Plan your total budget. How much do you want to spend on this occasion? It’s the brightest festival in the year with the perspective of religious and social value. So plan it well but at the same time spent wisely. Don’t blow your money just in lights, candles, sweets & other temporary stuff.  Make sure you classify your budget in the productive way which will help you to cherish it for year or as long as you wish to keep that stuff on your wall or table or at home.
  1. Classify Budget: Make sure to classify your budget into long and short term articles or products. Budget Ratio can be 30:70, 30% on short term investment and 70% on long term investment. This type of budget allocation will help you not only brighten your Diwali but also the coming Year. For long term investment you can choose Warli painting for wall hanging, Dhokra Art pieces for wall and table decor, Beautiful door hanging which you can have for year or even long period till you feel like replacing it. Also, choose your jewellery wisely try to buy unique jewellery which can be use on traditional and contemporary occasions. Please find below sample of short and long term investment planning for your kind reference, you should change it as per your requirement and whishes.
    1. Short term: Diyas & Candles, Flowers, Rangoli colors, Gifts and Sweets
    2. Long term: Decor Products like - Wall hanging, table décor, Door Hanging, Furniture and Jewellery  
  1. Capture Memories: Make sure to capture all of it. Making & process of décor, final décor, celebration and gathering, gifts & most importantly all charming moments. Do experiment with lights and object in your photography to discover something new. You can create drama by putting diyas, flower and decorative items in creative way. It can completely change the look of your home and surprise you and your Family!

Hope this tips are helpful and will make your Diwali more interesting, organized and charming! Have a safe and beautiful Time!

Wish You All a Very Happy Diwali! Stay Connected!




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