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FairyBellsKart Necklace Jewellery Set FBK2018282

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FairyBellsKart Oxidised Metal, Beads and Thread Necklace & Earrings Set Jewellery FBK2018282
Colour: Metallic Oxidised Silver - Pendant, Fashion Beads - Pink & Blue, Thread -Black 
Material: Oxidised Metal Pendant, Fashion Alloy Beads & Thread Beads, Thread 
Handicraft Region: India 
Product Code: FBK2018282
Product Also know as oxidised jewellery, oxidised jewlry, Oxidised necklace, thread necklace, metal necklace, colour beads and thread necklace set, jewellery set, saree jewellery, ethnic jewellery, Indian traditional jewellery
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